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What My Parents Never Told Me About Sex

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Inspired by the recent controversy surrounding T.I. taking his daughter to the OBGYN to confirm her sexual purity, in this episode, the xoNecole Happy Hour squad tackles sexuality. The hosts gets down and dirty, sharing lessons learned and unlearned about sex from parents to first partners and beyond, and how the stigma around sexuality as it pertains to young black women has impacted their own views on sex. Sheriden keeps it real about her first masturbation experience at the age of nine, and how it opened her up to a world of pleasure and living a sex-positive life. Necole shares how a particular sexual experience left her feeling dirty, and why she wasn’t comfortable in her sexuality until her 30s. And Amer teaches mothers how to approach the topic of sex with their children (especially their daughters), and the importance of passing along accurate information on the subject.

Things discussed in this episode:

How the women were first introduced to sex

Learning about becoming a woman and body changes

What makes you feel empowered during sex?

How Amer plans to discuss sex with her son

Why is sex shame a thing and where did it start?

Sexual fantasies

Best and worst sexual experiences

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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