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The Hardest Lessons Of 2019

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

They say the hardest lessons are the ones your soul needs most.

In this final episode of season 1, Necole, Amer, and Sheriden reflect on the entirety of 2019. Over a few shots and tears, the squad discusses self-love by not allowing anyone to physically harm or disrespect you, losing jobs to healing from generational trauma, and how they plan to go into 2020 with more intention in their professional and personal lives. These women have had a YEAR but it didn't come without a few painful and eye-opening moments along the way.

Things you will hear in this episode:

One of the ladies reveals a recent domestic violence situation with her ex which shocks her co-hosts and sparks conversation on alcohol abuse and the harmful effects of self-medicating

Tips for removing yourself from a toxic and potentially abusive partner

The eye-opening lessons each host learned in 2019

How to date with intention

Tips on pitching a story to xoNecole

Advice for contacting editors and managing editors for publications

How to choose the right conferences to attend in 2020

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Writer's spotlight

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