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Episode 2: I Met My Husband In An UberPool

On this journey of love, we often don’t realize that our soulmate is in the right place, but we’re not giving off the right vibes to attract what we desire. Many women struggle to find love in their respective cities, but what if the man of dreams was the one you avoided eye contact with on the elevator, in the Uber ride, or at the grocery store?

Inspired by the article, "I met him in an Uber Pool and now we're married," the second episode of xoNecole's Happy Hour explores the possibilities of finding love in unexpected places. The ladies interview special guests Jenisa and Lester Richmond about their unpredictable love story that started in a rideshare in Los Angeles. Lester shares how Jenisa ghosted him twice before finally saying yes to a first date, and Jenisa shares how they kept the relationship going while living in two different states. Plus, the Happy Hour hosts confess their fantasy places for meeting a love interest and present an interesting challenge for listeners who are open to new love.

Show Notes

  • During Pre-Game the hosts chat about self-pleasure, Tamera Mowry- Housley and . the way young black women are raised to view sex

  • The 13 things men should have before you decide to marry him

  • The hosts reveal their fantasy places to meet men

  • Sheriden shares a wild Rideshare story

  • Jenisa and Lester, a couple who met in an UberPool are introduced and reveals the rocky start to their love story

  • The couple also shares how they were able to nurture their relationship living in two different cities and what sacrifices Jenisa had to ultimately make to be with Lester

  • Jenisa drops a few surprise bombes on the hosts

Articles mentioned during the show

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