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Credit Karma, Money Shame & Self Worth

As women we often keep it real about everything except for our bank accounts. We desire prosperity but operate with a broke mindset, and sometimes tie material things like a house, a car, and even getting our hair and nails done to our self-worth. Not to mention that social media has us showcasing our wins and not the journey it took to get there.

On this episode the xoNecole Happy Hour hosts spill the tea on everything from their finances and credit scores, to dealing with money shame in the digital age and keeping up with the Jones’. Necole shares her story of how she spent $30,000 in one year as a celebrity gossip blogger in an attempt to stay “glammed up,” and the sacrifices she is now making to tackle her tax debt, while Amer talks her change in lifestyle after losing her six-figure job. And Sheriden explains how she’s taking strides to improve her credit while also revealing that a man’s salary is low on her tier when it comes to choosing a partner. You’ll also learn about some of their favorite resources to help transform your money habits and keep you inspired on the road to financial freedom.

Things the hosts share in this episode:

Their credit scores

Their current relationship with money

The amount of their student loan debt

How they are currently saving

If they talk about money with their girlfriends and the men they are dating

If credit scores and salaries are important to them when choosing a partner

If their self-worth is defined by their financial situation

Their biggest financial mistake

Things you will learn in this episode:

How Dave Ramsey’s snowball method for paying off debt works

Financial apps that will help you stay in an abundance mindset

Savings techniques to fit your lifestyle

How sacrificing now will prepare you for the lifestyle you desire

How entrepreneurs can still save for retirementDebt vs Savings financial strategies

Resources mentioned in this episode:

xoNecole articles mentioned:

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